Monday, 8 October 2012

From High Heels to High Hills by Tanya Oliver Press Release

The latest release from publisher, Step Beach Press, ‘From High Heels to High Hills’ tells the real life story of one woman’s passion for the mountains of the Lake District and how she conquered them - in her own style. Serial hill walker and shoe fanatic, Tanya Oliver, describes the Lake District and its communities with love and awe, capturing the beauty and colour with wry honesty and humour. She draws upon her own extensive experience and passions to give you an insight into climbing mountains which regular guide books do not – ensuring that your essential waterproofs extend to mascara.

Written with knowledge, flare and vivacity, From High Heels to High Hills combines a substantial understanding of the Lake District with resilience, determination and a touch of self-deprecation. Each escapade includes stunning photos that capture the magic of the fells. She recounts the embarrassing trips, falls and stumbles, false starts and abandoned expeditions, as well as the triumphs and adventures. This book includes all 214 of Wainwright’s named fell walks, but this is a journey with a difference.

Including tips and tells untold of in regular guide books, From High Heels to High Hills Chapter highlights include:
  • What the guide books do not tell you
  • Ridge Walks
  • Bogs and Screes (and a wet river crossing)
  • My Favourite Fells
  • Escaping the Fells – places to visit in between
  • My Favourite Heels
  • Getting Lost!
  • Walking With Children and Animals
  • Low Walks and Low Fells
  • No Such Thing as Bad Weather?
  • Divided By a Common Language
  • The Wainwright’s and Me

 About the Author
Tanya Oliver is a travel and walking writer, basing her work on her own experiences. For Tanya, walking is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life.
Tanya has travelled to many parts of the world but her heart is in England. A guest writer for several tourist organisations, she currently works in the Lake District. Her well known fell walking blog has attracted an avid following and enchanted many walkers and non-walkers alike. She loves hiking, shopping and high heels.

About Step Beach Press
Step Beach Press is an exciting new publisher specialising in a diverse range of titles ranging from sport and heritage to psychology and well being.

Step Beach Press aims to bring specialist titles to its audiences, whether football fans through the forgotten football grounds of Fields of Dreams, London visitors via its 31 Cemeteries to Visit Before You Die, or those who love walking in style with From High Heels and High Hills.

From High Heels to High Hills by Tanya Oliver is available from 31 October 2012 although advance orders can be placed by visiting Hardback, 200pp, RRP £ 16.95.

For further information, please contact:

Stephanie Dale
Step Beach Press Publishing

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